Juwelier Louis Bros is leverancier van Blush sieraden. Kom naar onze mooie juwelierswinkel in het centrum van Alkmaar.

Blush Sieraden:

one moment. two people. connected.
it’s instant, almost magical. you can’t see it or touch it, but you can feel it…
how we light up the moment we are truly seen. when we are truly appreciated and loved
close your eyes for a moment. try to think of the last time you felt this way. it’s often in small, every day moments. it might have been last thursday, when you came home after a tough day to find your love behind the stove and a bubble bath waiting just for you. or a handwritten birthday card that arrived on-the-day. it might have been more eventful, like the last time you were given a gift you loved, something that really surpised you. think of the thought that went into wanting to find you the perfect gift. the time and effort it must have taken to research what that might be. and the hope that you would love it.

is it there? can you feel it? that warm feeling inside, that begins in your stomach and works its way up to your cheeks…

to us, it’s these moments that make it all worthwhile. and that’s why we have made it our mission to inspire them. to celebrate and to cherish them. gold jewels that capture that heartfelt glow, that meaningful moment. jewels you can wear every day, that remind you of what matters most.

you’re beautiful when you blush. so let’s blush, from the heart.

blush jewels sold on blush-jewels.com are made of 14ct gold. created and manufactured with love, great care and attention to detail, blush jewels are made to last.